Why isn't Godot launching?

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i can’t open godot for some reason and i would like someone to tell me why

here is a picture of what its saying in the console

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Are you saying that you can’t open Godot, or that you can’t open a specific project in Godot?

The warning message you’re seeing indicates that a specific project setting, rendering/limits/global_shader_variables/buffer_size, exceeds the maximum uniform buffer size supported by your graphics hardware, which is written to be 16,384 bytes (16 KB).

If you are trying to open a specific project, then this is the setting you need to change:

It’s a wild stab in the dark, but edit the file in your project directory called project.godot and see if there’s something like this:



If there is, either delete it or change the 16384 to 65536, save and relaunch Godot.