Why my enemy isn't moving towards the initial position, and how should I do it?

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So, I have an Enemy that follows a 2d Path and when it encounters with the player starts following the player. But when the player leaves the range of the enemy I want it to go back to original position and then start the path again. But I don’t know exactly how to make so that the enemy moves toward the initial position.

This is what I did so far:

extends EnemyState
class_name EnemyPatrol

@onready var Pathing = get_ancestor(3)
@onready var initial_position = enemy.global_position

var patrol_speed = 50
var can_patrol = true

# Virtual function. Called by the state machine upon changing the active state. The `msg` parameter
# is a dictionary with arbitrary data the state can use to initialize itself.
func enter(_msg := {}) -> void:
	can_patrol = false

# Virtual function. Corresponds to the `_physics_process()` callback.
func physics_update(delta: float) -> void:
	if enemy.global_position != initial_position and not can_patrol:
		enemy.global_position.move_toward(initial_position, patrol_speed * delta)
		Pathing.progress += patrol_speed * delta
		can_patrol = true

func _on_detection_area_area_entered(area):
	if area.is_in_group("Player"):
		get_ancestor(2).player = area.get_parent()

I’m using a state machine, so this would be the Patrol state (the state machine is working fine, so thats not the problem).

You need to assign the global_position back when doing enemy.global_position.move_toward()

enemy.global_position = enemy.global_position.move_toward(initial_position, patrol_speed * delta)
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Oh such a easy mistake, thank you very much!

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