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could we get an official wiki for godot?

it would be nice to have a place to drop examples and tutorials. even if i most do so in my user space.

yes, i know there are sites to create wikis, but everyone creating their own personal godot wiki seems counter-productive.

obvious this isn’t specifically forum feedback. but i am lazy so posting here.

The closest thing to an official wiki is the documentation
I know it is not wiki-formatted, but you can contribute to it whenever you want GitHub - godotengine/godot-docs: Godot Engine official documentation

Unless you have something else in mind I feel like the docs == wiki.

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What I have in mind is something between the Godot’s Asset Library and pastebin. A convenient place to share code examples/tutorials without touching the official documentation. I could create my own wiki somewhere but I feel decentralizing hurts the community. We could put a wiki up at and see what happens.

While I agree with you that there’s merit to having a place to share stuff without touching the documentation (both because that’s intimidating to new users, and because there’s an obvious incentive to keep the docs somewhat general & lean), I feel like that place you’re describing is… this forum? :sweat_smile:

The experience certainly could be improved, but if I share a piece of code that solves a certain problem (either in reply to a question, or as an original post), that solution will appear high up in search results and has been made publicly available on a centralized place controlled by the foundation.

Personally, I’d rather see some improvements to this forum than yet another platform.

It would be like using the forums for the official documentation. It might kind of work but it would be the wrong tool for the job.

Why though? You state that as if it was a fact, but what added value would a wiki offer over this forum? So far, you named tutorials (which already have their own category here) and examples (which I’d argue most of the replies in “Help” could be already seen as, but one could also create a separate “Example” category for).

That is like asking why the forums can’t be a replacement for Godot’s official website/Discord/Reddit/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube. Or why not replace Wikipedia with a forums? The answer is the forums isn’t an appropriate replacement for certain technologies.

My guess is you don’t have a lot of experience with MediaWiki… (dramatic pause) …and explaining things (or advocating for a cause) isn’t one of my strengths. So I think I am done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Peace.