Wind Shader i made for my game

I am working on a shader for simulating wind for trees and plants for my game because i hate games with static trees and foliage.
The only thing that i need to do now is implement a colision bending.

Godot 4 Wind Shader

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My shader uses a uniform variable to control the direction of the wind (in degrees: 0 north, 90 west, 180 south, 270 east), the tree sways and also hangs in the direction of the wind, the branches sway in the direction of the wind but the branches parallel to the wind sway less and the perpendicular branches sway more. For the leaves they have two movements, they swing on the Y axis and I also added a random movement at the high frequency and lower intensity to simulate gusts of wind. I am researching how to add collision bending for grass and small plants. I made all the trees using TreeIt software by Evolved, its a very good program.

If wind direction is taken into account, that’s excellent. I have a much simpler version.

Tree It is a good program. However, unfortunately, it is only available on Steam. Not everyone wants to deal with a service that performs total surveillance and collection of user data.

Although now, there seems to be a version available on the developer’s website. But the tree collection is not there. I think trees are still available in Sketchfab, but you have to register there.

Theses trees now come with Tree It on steam.

It’s very disappointing that the author went down the wrong path.

Treeit is very cheap on Steam and you can run it without Steam after installation, the program dont use any steam api. There is a program that became completely free called PlantFactory but it not generates vertex colors.

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It absolutely doesn’t matter how much the program costs on Steam. The only thing that matters is that you can’t buy it except in Steam.

Looking good! I’ll have to keep an eye on this.

I’ve just started tinkering with trees in Godot and the Tree It-to-Godot pipeline is pretty smooth (way smoother than Tree-It-to-Unity, in my experience), and the shader on the official Making trees rundown works well for the branches, but not so much with the trunk.

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i will make an scene with some samples trees from TreeIt and post on Godot Shader site soon. I am working with small plants on TreeIt now and adjusting some parameters on the shader to work well. The problem is to make all the trees, plants and grass to have the same movement instensity when changing the wind force, i managed to make they scale from wind 1 to 10 (controlled by a global shader parameter). each Tree or plant need fine tunning on individual parameters to scale well with wind force. Soon i will post the complete project here.


There is a free version on author website of treeit, he updated the version to the same as Steam. I tested it and its the same version without any restrictions. :+1:

TreeIt free version

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This is good news. I’ll have to check how the new version accepts tree files from the old gallery (when the tree library was still available on the site).

There’s a problem with Tree It… files downloaded from the same link with the same version designation (Last Update 3/7/2024).

One file was downloaded right after the new version was published, the other just now.

You can see that the files are different. The program is good, but the author is no longer trustworthy — at best it is negligence that the change is not specified. What exactly is the change?

I will use the old version for now and look for a replacement.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve seen that PlantFactory was released for free as abandonware, essentially: e-on Software

Might be worth checking out if you don’t want to use Tree-It.


Yeah, I have plans to explore it. But is it possible to make a wind effect there?