Window Control node updates only when user stops resizing the window

I am very very very new to godot and this is probobally just a me problem but i am making a 2d game that requires multiple windows open and i wanted to make it so that a 2d sprite apears in the top right of a window so i decided to use a Control node to anchor it and it worked! but whenever the window is being resized it doesn’t update the sprites position instead whenever i stop moving my mouse for a frame (be it from me using a bad mouse or stopping willingly) it snaps to the new position instead of every time the windows’ size is changed (aka every frame p much)

i know i could probabally do this using a script but it would be nice being able to do this without one and plus i’ll learn something new either way!

i’ve been tryna solve this for a bit now but im too new to know what keywords to search up to find a solution and i am a bit unfamiliar to the terminology so finding a solution in the documention is also a no go so i decided why not ask here!

sorry if i did something wrong in the structure/formating/whatever in this post again i am very new

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there will need 2 controls node
1 with full rect cover entire scene
then the child another control node stick to top right anchor
then put your sprite2d the child of the second control




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