Мy low poly game character doesn't display correctly from a distance

Godot Version



I exported the game character model from blender with default settings, in gltf format. But the model of the game character is displayed simplistically if the camera is a little further than very close. I didn’t change any settings.

if camera are close enough, everything is displayed correctly, the situation is the same in the game and in the editor. Thank you for your time.

In your MeshInstance3D node, in the Inspector, find Geometry->LOD bias and mess therewith :smiley:

I think by default imported models generate lower resolution versions to display when the mesh is far away. But for a low poly model like this it’s probably not needed or intended, and the automatic system won’t produce very good results.

So, in the import settings for your mesh you should probably just turn off LOD generation. This way Godot won’t try to make any lower resolution versions of the mesh and it’ll just always use the same model regardless of distance.