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I have a node hierarchy like this:
I need the AnimatedSprite2D in the player to be y sorted in front and behind the WallGraphic1. I have tried enabling y sort on them both and their parent nodes and the world node, but this still does not y sort them. Is it that they cannot y sort because they are on different branches of the node tree?

I have now tried without the tileset layer y sort enabled and it y sorts from the center of the tilemap, but i need it to sort based on the tilesorting of each tile

on the Game node, also turn on the Y sort enabled

I have tried this, but it does not seem to have made any difference, do you have any other ideas?

did you also enabled the y sort for the Player and Walls Node2D?

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Yes, and also I adjusted the y sort origin to correct it. Works perfectly now.

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