Smothered, Hard-Set (SMHS) - top-down action-adventure (WIP)

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Hello! Hiyyall!

Allow me to introduce SMHS, an ambitious* project I am taking on. A 2d-in-3d action adventure I am blocking out, chiseling down. I am mainly a visual artist so there’s already way more art than game (…). :alien:

There’s a lot of yadda-yadda blah-blah on my devlog and a lot more art:

I have been writing a backstory for a long time now and I have arrived and passed the point where the project is only shrinking in terms of content and intentions… Phew.

The game at the moment is a walking simulator based in the “2.5D” demo’s isometric view (I removed the rest) with a few functions like floating offscreen-p.o.i. indicators, spatial sounds and some shaders.


I am pushing myself through some initial problems (stop sliding on slopes…) and then it is time to work in the state machine I have been trying hard to reduce to less actions…

*All movement and animations of characters, npcs, units will be drawn out in 8 directions (5 and then mirroring). … Or I may end up making small 3d anims. WHo knows?! I don’t. :smile:
Well, so far that’s where it’s all at.

What do you think?


Hmmm, I could add a few games I consider as direction: Another World, Kenshi (…at least the absolute-no-hand-holding-but-actually-has-its-world-and-stories side of it and its bleak-and-rich-at-the-same-time universe), Inside, X-Men vs Street Fighter (the explosion of colours and shapes!), Dark Souls…

Love the aesthetics of this game! Looking forward to more updates

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Thank you! :blush:
Will upload some progress in the coming weeks. Coming to terms with gdscript for now…

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