2d 'beat em up' type of player movement

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By verbaloid

2d game beatemup
I’m making a 2D game using a ‘Dynamic Platformer’ template as a starting point (player script basically unchanged). At some point during the game my player enters a scene where it’s not just ‘move and slide’ horizontally, but a certain area to walk horizontally and vertically (while jumping remains the same), they way usually ‘beat em up’ games are made.

I do not know how to approach this, and there haven’t been any tutorials for this type of movement in Godot. Anyone any suggestions? Should I use some limiters for vertical movement? Or another collision shape in player which limits the movement but is disabled every time the player jumps? What should you add to the player script?

i havent looked at the “Dynamic Platformer” template, but I suppose the player node is a kinematicbody: it should be simple enough to move it upward by simply changing the moving vector (e.g: move_and_slide(0,-10) should move it up)

If the character has some sort of gravity implementation (for keeping it on the ground or falling after a jump), you might want to turn it of in this section of the game (and turn it on again when you wish to jump while climbing)

Andrea | 2020-05-26 16:06