2D "Conflict Desert Storm" like game in development

Hey all,
I’ve posted a bit here and there, but I though I should finally post here with what I’m working on :slight_smile:

So here it is. A single player and local co-op (split screen) 2D shooter. As soon as I get my Steam page up I’ll reveal the title and back story.

In this game you’re short on resources and need to scavenge and sometimes craft your own. So you’ll need to conserve resources and think about how you approach missions.

All screenshots are from my test level, so you’ll see some things that are a little rough, and some assets that will eventually be changed :slight_smile:


I’m planning Windows/Steam and Linux releases.

Everywhere but here I use the name ‘Rokoddity’. I’m often posting on X/Twitter with the #GodotEngine tag so look out for me!

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


So many things added, unfortunately most don’t show up well in screenshots. Must start doing some videos!

Enemies run for cover when under attack, and will move between different cover areas if they feel threatened. The enemy in this image is an objective, so he’s marked with a red objective indicator. They will also try to destroy any cover you might using.

Here, the player has completed the mission and is about to be extracted by helicopter.

In this one I’ve added a few more crafting resources. Your mission goes wrong right at the beginning so you’re completely cut off. You need to search everything, lockers, kitchen units, bins etc for crafting items that you can use to replenish your ammo/weapons/explosives.

Top right, notice player two can drop in and leave at will.

Also done recently… Added grenades and a knife for sneak attacks. Added a crafting screen, known as “Camp”, also an options menu. Other things adding include moving ground fog, blood splatters and pools, improved dust effects on impacts, new level objects and world edging. Red tracers for enemy fire. mission titles and also the rescue of POWs, that run with your escort for extraction/safety while avoiding the enemy.

All screenshots are from my test level :slight_smile:

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A screenshot of some walls and level edging.

Some section of wall can be fired over and used as cover points by the enemy.