3D Anti-Aliasing on Android? (msaa fxaa antialiasing)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By AMixOfGeekStuff

Hi. So my Android phone is capable of having nice, smooth anti-aliasing whenever I play a 3d platformer (Suzy Cube). (Though there are jagged lines when I play Old School Runescape on the same phone).

But Anti-aliasing doesn’t smooth out jagged lines when testing my 3d Godot game on Android (GLES2). How can I fix this? (I’ll also test my game on iPhone later on).

I’d like to use GLES2 if that’ll make my game more accessible and run better, even to people still using old phones (but then again, maybe jagged lines on a super old phone is understandable. Unless such a phone can have anti-aliasing on other 3d games).

On GLES3, my character doesn’t show (I just see eyeballs floating around).
Anti-Aliasing doesn’t smooth the jagged lines. It just slows down the framerate.

Android 7.0
Model SM-N920T Galaxy Note5

Edit: more info:
OpenGL 3.0.2
CPU: arm64-v8a
Chipset: exynos 5
And when I set up iPhone export:
iOS 14.7.1
Model A1688 iPhone S
Both phones are up to date.**

I did find an option to turn on 4x MSAA, but it makes a very small difference. Still pixelated.
Also, it’s hidden away in developer’s options (so a casual customer of a 3d godot game on mobile might not know how to turn on slightly better graphics).
Again, another 3d game on my phone had better anti-aliasing without turning this developer option on.
So if anyone knows how to turn on anti-aliasing on mobile in 3d Godot, please let me know!

AMixOfGeekStuff | 2021-09-05 05:10