3D Characters in 2D Isometric World?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By NyuMari

Hello guys, I’m new here and I’m in big doubt. English is not my natural language, but I will try to be as clear as possible.

I’m interested in creating a game with isometric view, where my scenario will be in 2D and players, npcs, enemies, etc, will be in 3D.
Why do I want to use 3D characters within a 2D world?

  1. First, the sprites. In the first moment, my team created a game with
    a more or less similar view of ragnarok, however we did not want to
    use a huge pile of sprites to create the character’s movement (which
    would also make it difficult to visualize the equip).
  2. The attack system is also a problem. We made his hands follow the
    mouse so he can aim at who should attack. But his body does not
    change direction, so when he looks up he does not “turn his back,”
    he literally points up. And the arm at certain angles is displaced.
    That makes things a bit strange, if I may say so.
  3. And we decided that we wanted to use visual equip. In our prototype
    we are using 2d bones. It would be easy to implement, but with the
    other two problems above we are left without knowing what to decide.
    I think in a top-down game, where you only see the top of the
    character’s head, arms and feet, it does not give so much immersion
    in the game and it would not be worth using a visual equip.

We were thinking of other options like:

  1. The character can only attack sideways. The player himself if he
    wants to hit the enemy must move on the map to direct his attacks.

  2. Make the game completely top-down, where it is much easier to target
    the character’s attacks.

  3. The character is in 3D.

Thinking about the last option, I’ve been browsing a lot on the internet and I’ve seen that something that allows me to mix these two elements is called Viewport. But I do not know how this tool works. I’ve already seen the example “3d in 2d” in the godot tutorials, but I’d like to visualize what it would look like with character movement, not just a 3d model spinning on top of a 2D sprite.

I even tried to put a character-moving script in the 3D model but it always gives a camera error, something related to “null_instance”.
Anyway, could anyone help me with this? How can I make a 3D character move in an isometric 2D scene?

Sorry for any language error and thanks for your attention. :slight_smile:

(To visualize better is a game similar to this.)

I suggest you use a full 3D scene for everything, but just make the floor etc billboards.

Aaron Franke | 2019-05-10 02:25

I’ll try this. Thanks :slight_smile:
If I reach the espected results, I’ll comment here.

NyuMari | 2019-05-13 21:21