3D :Stop RigidBody from vibrating on each other and things falling through floor

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ArthurER

I am working on a 3D project with basic models imported from Blender I have three scenes (items) instanced into a main floor scene, a table a chair and a cat food box with the box on the chair and the chair on the table. for some reason they vibrate to the point that the food box will fall off the chair.

the three items are imported as RigidBody the collision shapes are Godot collision shapes. the mass/weight and gravity scale are default.

about the only thing I can think of that may be upsetting Godot’s physics is that the table and chair where made with the Blender origin at their base, so the centre of gravity is right on the bottom of the objects so they don’t tip over on collisions.

the food box also seems to easily pass through the floor.

the floor is a simple plane with four grid planes around it to act as a fence the collision shape for that was made in Blender as a duplicate child given the extension -colonly.

any tips on how to stop the vibrating or keep things on the right side of the floor would be appreciated.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: ArthurER

after a lot of rebuilding I discovered that a lot of the problem is in the type of collider used where one made in blender is ok for a tree not so much for a floor, it wasn’t till I added a Godot plane as a floor that I found out Godot itself says that planes are going to be removed from the software. now I have a cube shape as the ground and a Blender made collider in the house and the floor in the house is still rubbery so I would say that if it is a floor it should be made of a cube, I also tried out the Godot mesh/create trimesh and that collider acts no different then the one exported from Blender.

the location of the Blender origin also made a difference with the origin at the direct bottom of an object and the object given a cube shape collider in Godot the possibility of having the centre of gravity outside the object and inside the floor exists and is also impossible in the physical world so probably not much wonder it would freak out the math of a physics simulation… I put the Blender origin about a quarter of the way up the objects and haven’t managed to get the chair to tip over or get the cat food box to go through the floor.