A "bad ioctl syscall 21537" error occurred

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I have an export project in html5 which try to connect to a web site via http post and get…but from the start this error shows…

bad ioctl syscall 21537

abort(“bad ioctl syscall 21537”) at jsStackTrace@file:///D:/godot/Proyectos/HTML5/internetLeadboard/LeadBoardTest.js:1:17999

¿What in the world is going on?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Grass H0PEr

“export project in html5”
“connect to a web site via http post”

It seeeeems like Godot’s HTTPClient isn’t implemented for exporting a game project to a Web format. If I’m understanding this correctly.

Here’s a link to the github page about this error titled

Listening to socket fails when exporting to HTML5 :

“AFAIK networking was never implemented for the HTML5 platform.”
– vnen on 2017 May 4th

According to the posts on this page, “direct TCP” networking might not be possible for browser HTML5 games.

“That’s right, in fact this can’t be implemented, direct TCP is impossible in browsers.
However I want to get HTTPClient working in time for 3.0, maybe we’ll also add support for WebSocket or WebRTC eventually”
– eska014 on 2017 May 4th

Here’s a link to the github page for adding HTTPClient support for HTML5 games to Godot 3.0 :

Support HTTPClient in HTML5:

“Raw TCP might not be supported, but it would be nice to expose WebSocket support for all platforms, so then HTML5 does have something.”
– nhydock on 2017 July 10th

You could keep an eye on it every now and then to see how the progress is coming along.

Best wishes
& hope there’s a way to get your game working the way you want!

I’m not an expert on networking, so maybe there’s an alternative method to achieve the same functionality you’re looking for.