A retro 3rd person arcade shooter

Hi all, this is my first attempt at building something with Godot. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to build something that takes its inspiration from one of my favourite games of the 1980s - Zarch (called Virus on the Amiga)

At this stage I am just trying things out. Seeing how various game mechanics might work and so on. I have to say I have felt really productive using Godot. This video represents around 10-15 hours per week since the start of this year up until early May. I am currently working on a second video that will show the latest progress which I hope to release soon.

Hope you like it!


Interesting and informative. :+1: Videos can be embedded in posts.

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I remember playing Virus a lot. Though struggled with the controls a bit :slight_smile: What you’ve got so far looks great!

Thanks - yes I know exactly what you mean about Virus. It was a great game but really difficult to control and difficult to hit enemies because the 3rd party view didn’t make it easy to correctly align your ship to shoot at an enemy - so you tended to spray bullets everywhere in the hope of hitting something! That’s what I want to improve in this game. Since producing this video I have designed a targeting system for the player that will auto-lock on to nearby flying enemies making it far easier to hit them

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Sounds great, and I look forward to playing it one day :slight_smile: Keep us updated!

Devlog number 2 is up - this brings things right up to date this week - still lots to do!