"A valid android SDK path is required in Editor settings" error

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By d8sconz

I’ve just upgraded to 3.4, now I can’t export my project which was working fine before. No matter what I try this error appears on the export dialog and all buttons are greyed out. The SDK path is there in the editor. It’s the correct path that used to work. I’ve been 3 days trying to figure this out so any clues would be gratefully accepted.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: aadyainfotainment

Editor Settings → Android → Android SDK Path

Most of the times the path is as per below:

Check if SDK exists in the given path.
Make sure adb.exe exists in “Sdk\platform-tools”

Hi, I was exporting without problems with Godot version 4.2, I updated to version 4.3 dev3 and now I have the error that the SDK path does not exist (it is correct in the editor options), the adb.exe file also exists. Could you know what the problem would be? Update Android Studio and also install the versions recommended by the 4.2 documentation

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