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I’m tempted to make a post here about the initial development of a visual scripting language made through GDExtension. Trouble is it’s really early on and doesn’t quite have the “visual”, “scripting”, or really “language” stuff completed. Is there any particular metric you’d recommend for knowing when it’s best to share the project?


Always glad to see people using Godot for their projects :partying_face: Can’t wait to see all of yours creations!


Hmm, good question. We could maybe make a category for in-progreess dev logs?


I like that idea. Should I throw a post in the suggestions category for that?


yes, please! otherwise I might forget about it again :sweat_smile:


What criteria must be met to enable the posting of a new topic within this category?

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You can’t directly post in this category, only in the subcatgories Games and Applications


This restriction is a little bit annoying when one wants to present the game made with Godot. I wanted to link to itch, steam, my devlog and give a link to the youtube trailer to present the project in all details but … well :smiley: (I guess I just put the extra-infos in a 2nd post)

Of course, I understand that this is to prevent spam, but it’s a bit limiting in an environment like the game development which heavily relies on showing different medias and linking to interesting stuff.

p.s. I know the Upload-Limit of 4MB from the Realtime-VFX-Forum (also Discourse) but I feel 4 MB is really low. Even discord allows now 25MB Uploads (before it was 10) because they realized that filesize-requirements get bigger over time.
It’s especially sad since imgur-links are not previewed. This link for example is perfectly embedded on my Itch-Page, but somehow Discourse has a problem with it:



Feel free to contact us admins when you run into issues like that! This specific restriction applies only for very fresh user accounts. I’ve set your account to trust level “basic user” now so you should be able to post more links and embeds :sparkles:

As for the file size limit, could you create a post in Site Feedback so that we don’t forget to look into it? Not sure if we can allow 25, but more than 4 should be possible.


Thank you! I just hit “edit” and added my trailer-link…it was working, and I felt like a hacker as I tricked the system. But then I read your message here :smiley:


Is there any interest in a “Feedback” subcategory?

Like for people who aren’t just showcasing their project but are specifically looking for a feedback, critique, or advice on how to improve.