Add code format instruction to default message template

Hey - I notice many people who post questions don’t format their code. I was thinking, perhaps the default “new post” template can also include a line about the code format button? To encourage people to use it.


Hmm, sounds like a good idea. We also could make a small post that explains basic markdown and link to it in the welcome topic (in addition to an adjusted default template)


Please do this. Please! The number of times one has to explain about code formatting delays anyone who has a moment to answer.

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Seconded! The amount of help posts with broken code formatting is not funny! :grimacing: It burns out the (already few) people who are willing to spend their time helping others out here.

Honestly, adding one line to the template would likely already be an enormous improvement!

> ### Godot Version
> <!-- Replace this line with your Godot version  -->
> ### Question
> <!--Ask your question here! Try to give as many details as possible -->
> ```
> <!--If you have any code to share, put it here.-->
> ```

Yes please. Something has to be done.

It is really annoying to explain the insert code button every second post and my desire to even read unformated code reached it limits.
This could also reduce the amount of posted screenshots of code snippets.