Admob test-ads only on locally installed APK?

Godot Version



Hi everyone,

I used to test my game on an old android phone by directly installing via USB and AdMob test-ads would show as intended. Now I have a newer android phone which does not show the ads and I wonder why. As I don’t connect the new one via USB but copy and install the exported APK, is it possible that that’s the catch?

Do you use the test-Ad or the real Ad?

What kind of Ad is it, just a banner or a video?

I dont think that the cable should be the problem

Still test-ads, a banner and an interstitial. I’d assume that it should work on copying the APK as well, so I guess the problem is something else.
I inserted the phone’s ad-ID into the admob-account and enlisted the phone as test-phone. It’s been a couple of days by now so I guess the “registration process” should be done. I must still be missing something…