Advice on creating a server to store variables and sprites

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By MaximoTG98

Using Godot how would I be able to create a server that has every sprite needed and all the player’s information?

In my current game, I’m trying to reduce the game size by having all the sprites uploaded in a server. Then the client downloads all the sprite that it needs to display the player’s inventory or equipment, and also stats.

I can’t host the server, so I would need it to be in some sort of cloud servers like google cloud or amazon AWS or any other similar type of host. It needs to be free(it’s okay if it has its limitations) but I have to be able to easily make changes in the server like uploading new textures and then have them requested by the HTTP request of Godot Engine.

Another way of doing that is by using Godot head-less server right? Which in that case do I need to host it and make it able to receive request’s and dynamically load sprites right?

I’ve made some research but I’m stuck on how to properly do that… Any piece of information or correction of what I said would be great!

(Sorry If I made typos I haven’t written in English for a long time)