Am I screwed if I'm permabanned from r/godot?

I was permanently banned from r/godot a few months ago and I’ve been stressing out over it because I can never post on there ever again, even if I need help. I can’t post on the discord either. What do I do? I’ve genuinely been upset about this because I’m a complete beginner to coding and Godot so I need a lot of help. I just feel left out, lost, and honestly a bit angry. I just want help and to participate in that subreddit like everyone else,

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The best way to proceed is likely to contact the Code of Conduct team directly.

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do they moderate the subreddit? and what if the reddit account is deleted because I wanted to start over with a new account

Do you know why you were banned?

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post the real account not the troll acount

this is your troll account named bannedf0rever created 15hrs ago and you said you deleted your banned account not to view your ban history or start over, why say this when you created a new account?

how to you expect to be unbanned when your braking tos by sidestepping the ban, you should be following the proper steps provited in the link above

because your banned from reddit and discort you said, so i think your ban carries to other godot accounts you have which is why you use this troll account
also your banned from two places so you know the reason

Reddit sucks, use this forum instead.


Like @Sauermann said, you should contact the code of conduct team.
I will close the thread now, but if you believe the ban wasn’t right, please do contact the code of conduct team or request an appeal to the moderators in Reddit.