Android app black screen and exiting

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I asked another two question about it but i cant find any solution.
I contact with godot also but they said me to ask forums.
The problem is when i start the project everything is working.But when its finished it works on Pc and Godot Engine but it isnt works in android.And i cant debug it.
When i try to debug it,its always unconnecting.I tried another and last godot version also but nothing changed.I tried godot 3.4.4 but nothing changed.Now I cant debug and I cant play it.I dont want to start it again because it takes to much time.Please help.
Can sombody debug it or say me what is wrong?

This is github project link:

This is old questions link:

Godot version 3.3.2

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I have a similar, but maybe not related problem. When I deploy my app to iOS, and run the app. It works after opening, but if you switch to another app then switch back into the godot app, the godot app draws a black/blank screen and is non functional.