AnimatedTexture from Sprite Sheet, like AnimatedSprite?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By PIZZA_ALERT

In the AnimatedSprite node, it’s very simple to just import a single sprite sheet with a ton of different frames to get an animation from one PNG file. Is there any way to do this with AnimatedTexture?

Use-case example: I have a 40-frame animation that I am adding to a NinePatchRect as an AnimatedTexture (for stretching around a textbox in certain situations, when the textbox could be different sizes). It seems like the only way to do this is to have 40 PNG files. It’s doable, but obviously this makes the files size much larger.

I realize that the AnimatedTexture resource is just that, a resource, not a node, and therefore it operates differently. Just wondering if I’m completely blind and can’t find how to do this. Is there a better way than what I’m doing?