Animation position not importing properly

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By iuripugliero

Hello guys

I’m new to Godot and still getting used to it’s behaviour, so please, be patient
Thing is I created a “Falling” animation that it’s played whenever the player if off the ground. After that, I created too a “Landing” animation, which is played as a transition for the “Falling” to “Idle”. To achieve the landing effect, on blender I’ve made the falling position a little upward, so when the collider hits de ground, the landing animation would make the mesh go back to the original position. However, the falling animation is imported on center in Godot, making the transition weird. Messing around I had a similar problem with a “Roll” animation, which the player does not full rotate around itself like it did on blender. I suspect it’s a root bone problem, seeming that transformations like position and rotation are not being apllied to it. I’m using the Better Collada Export

Default position
Default player position

Falling position
Falling position

Godot imported
Godot imported on center

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: iuripugliero

Already solved it by maintaining the root bone position and location, just changing the other bones