Animation Tree - AnimationNodeStateMachine visualizer zoom

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By adeneve83


I’m using the AnimationTree → AnimationNodeStateMachine (2D) UI panel to visually create animation nodes with their transition logic. Everything works fine, but as I add more animation nodes and transition arrows, the graphical representation starts to get a bit cluttered. Is there a way to zoom out of this UI? I can scroll left/right up/down, but can’t seem to zoom out. I’ve tried both “pinch” gesture on the trackpad along with the hotkeys for zooming in/out. The hotkeys seem to only control the upper main scene panel. (I also tried upgrading to the latest godot version). Perhaps instead there is a better way to manage the animation transitions instead of this UI? Any tips would be helpful, thank you.

Device: Macbook air m1