Animation tree tips on managing a lot of animations

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Skydome

so in my current game there are a lot of animations. Walking and running in all 4 directions, punching, Kicking, Energy Beam, Energy Wave/bigger ball , Getting hurt animations, Getting knocked away, Getting back up. All of these are in all 4 directions and in my game left and right side animations are unique not just mirrored version.

As you can imagine the animation tree has become really clogged up. I tried creating separate animation trees but there’s a problem with that since the root (autoplay on start) animation will always play first so switching from one animation tree to another with code causes the root to play first.

I will be adding even more animations later like different weapon attacks, magic spells and eating and talking. Which will make the tree even harder to manage. This is a 2D game btw.

I have been using animation node state machine inside the tree. Will using something else solve the problem?

Another idea was to just use the animation player directly for some things and deactivate the tree when doing that.

Can anyone give me some tips and ideas on what to do?