AnimationPlayer animations do not play in Godot

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Eray Erdin

The question is actually asked in Stackoverflow but migrated it here since this seems the main QA platform for Godot.

It’s actually a simple issue but it’s driving me crazy because of its simplicity. I just want to fade in when I load a scene and then fade out whenever I click a button. As to how I do that, this is the video about it.

To sum up, I load another scene called “Fader” which contains a ColorRect with a black color and AnimationPlayer to change ColorRect’s alpha value.

The code is below with extra comments on relevant parts:

using Godot;
using System;

public class TitleScreen : Control
	private Button[] buttons;
	private Control fader;  // the scene that I inject

	public override void _Ready()  // when title screen gets ready
		GD.Print("Preparing TitleScreen...");
		InitFader();  // initialize fader
		FadeIn();  // do fade in animation

	private void InitFader()  // initializing fader
		GD.Print("Initializing fader...");
		var faderScene = (PackedScene)ResourceLoader.Load("res://components/Fader.tscn");  // load external fader scene
		fader = (Control)faderScene.Instance();  // instantiate the scene
		fader.SetSize(OS.WindowSize);  // set the size of fader scene to the game window, just in case
		var rect = (ColorRect)fader.GetNode("rect");  // get "rect" child from fader scene
		rect.SetSize(OS.WindowSize);  // set "rect" size to the game window as well, just in case
		fader.Visible = false;  // set the visibility to false
		AddChild(fader);  // add initialized fader scene as a child of title screen

	private void InitButtons()
		GD.Print("Initializing buttons...");
		buttons = new Button[3]{

		GD.Print("Adding events to buttons...");
		buttons[0].Connect("pressed", this, "_StartGame");
		buttons[2].Connect("pressed", this, "_QuitGame");

	private void FadeIn()
		GD.Print("Fading in...");
		fader.Visible = true;  // set visibility of fader to true
		var player = (AnimationPlayer)fader.GetNode("player");  // get animation player
		player.Play("FadeIn");  // play FadeIn animation
		fader.Visible = false;  // set visibility of fader to false

	private void FadeOut()
        // similar to FadeIn
		GD.Print("Fading out...");
		fader.Visible = true;
		var player = (AnimationPlayer)fader.GetNode("player");
		fader.Visible = false;

	public void _StartGame()  // whenever I click start game button
		FadeOut();  // fade out

	public void _QuitGame()  // whenever I click quit game button
		FadeOut();  // fade out

Seems like I can’t see something. Why does it not fade in and out?


  • Manjaro 19.0.2
  • Mono JIT Compiler 6.4.0 (if it is relevant)
  • Godot 3.2
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: njamster

Why does it not fade in and out?

It does. You just can’t see it. :wink: Your code makes the fader visible, starts the animation and then makes the fader invisible directly after. It does not wait for the animation to finish. You could connect to the animation_finished-signal. Or you simply include the change in visibility in the animation itself, as a separate property track.

Oh, so animation runs async huh? Wow man, I didn’t know that, let me try that.

Eray Erdin | 2020-04-08 12:22

First, thank you, I created a C# script for Fader which sets visibility on animation_started and animation_finished signals. This, very well, works while fading in. However, it does not do that while it fades out. I guess the reason is AnimationPlayer plays the animations async (?), does not wait for it to play and changes the scene immediately. It solved half the problem though, so thank you. All is left to me to solve the other half myself now that I understand what’s really going on.

Eray Erdin | 2020-04-08 12:38