AnimationPlayer vs TWEEN "smoothness"

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By pferft

Hi everyone,

is something wrong with my perception or is there a “smoothness-difference” between animating something via AnimationPlayer and via TWEEN?
For example, moving a sprite from one position to another easing in and out on start and finish, I have the impression that an AnimationPlayer-animation looks fine whereas the same thing done by TWEEN appears just the tiniest little bit rough, like a little bump at the end when easing into position.

Is that a thing? Has someone maybe observed something similar?


I did a side by side test with a Sprite now and the animations both look identical and absolutely smooth.
Then I added text-labels (DynamicFont): the Sprites are still animated smoothly, but the text clearly isn’t!
Adding ColorRects (simple black square-shapes) shows the same “jittering” for them.
(This shows both on 100% resolution as well as on 50% test-width and -height, no matter how I set pixel snap or viewpost stretch mode…)

It appears as if the text and the shapes “jump” from one pixel to the next whereas the png-import smoothly slides from one to the other.
Interestingly an added button and a visible CollisionShape scroll perfectly smootly as well.

So I guess the animation methods both indeed work as they should and the observed issue depends on what is being animated. The why beats me though.