Another HUD problem - Dodge the creeps

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By OmriOn

Ok so your answer kind of solved the problem, but not really.
Now when I open up the game you can see the dodge the creeps! text and the start button but nothing happens and clicking the Start button does nothing.

 extends Node
    export(PackedScene) var mob_scene
    var score
    func _ready():

func game_over():

func new_game():
	score = 0
	$HUD.show_message("Get Ready!")
	get_tree().call_group("mobs", "queue_free")

func _on_MobTimer_timeout():
	# Create a new instance of the Mob scene.
	var mob = mob_scene.instance()
	# Choose a random location on Path2D.
	var mob_spawn_location = get_node("MobPath/MobSpawnLocation")
	mob_spawn_location.offset = randi()
	# Set the mob's direction perpendicular to the path direction.
	var direction = mob_spawn_location.rotation + PI / 2
	# Set the mob's position to a random location.
	mob.position = mob_spawn_location.position
	# Add some randomness to the direction.
	direction += rand_range(-PI / 4, PI / 4)
	mob.rotation = direction
	# Choose the velocity for the mob.
	var velocity = Vector2(rand_range(150.0, 250.0), 0.0)
	mob.linear_velocity = velocity.rotated(direction)
	# Spawn the mob by adding it to the Main scene.

func _on_ScoreTimer_timeout():
	score += 1

func _on_StartTimer_timeout():

extends CanvasLayer

signal start_game

func show_message(text):
	$Message.text = text

func show_game_over():
	show_message("Game Over!")
	# Wait until the MessageTimer has counted down.
	yield($MessageTimer, "timeout")
	$Message.text = "Dodge the\nCreeps!"
	# Make a one-shot timer and wait for it to finish
	yield(get_tree().create_timer(1), "timeout")

func update_score(score):
	$ScoreLabel.text = str(score)

func _on_MessageTimer_timeout():

func _on_StartButton_pressed():
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: jgodfrey

If pressing the Start button doesn’t do anything, that’s likely because you didn’t connect it’s pressed signal as instructed in this section of the tutorial.

In your above code, you have the function the signal shoould be connected to (_on_StartButton_pressed), but you apparently didn’t connect the signal. Specifically, pay attention to this statement at the above link:

Connect the timeout() signal of MessageTimer and the pressed() signal of StartButton and add the following code to the new functions:

Related, make sure you also connect the _timeout signal of MessageTimer as mentioned above…