AssetSnap - 3D Model Placement tool

Hello all

I have been working for some time on an addon that my nephew and i are going to use in 1-2 months time to make a game toghether.

It allows you to place 3D models in the 3D world using various snapping methods like Object snapping, and snapping to X,Y,Z plane.

It also enables you to drag place objects or multi placing by holding down a couple of keys while clicking to place the object.

Quick actions to perform rotation / scale before placing. Using only keyboard and the mouse.

It can place utilizing Multimesh and also normal meshes, it also knows to place the model in the correct multi mesh chunks in regard of how the LOD settings and such are set, so you also can control that part.

It has alot more to offer, but to get a better feel of what it offers you can download it freely from here:

It’s still under development, but has a stable base now it seems, it’s coded in C#. actually my first ever project in C# haha :smiley:

I won’t say it’s ready for a professional environment yet, but if enought help me with feedback, and maybe contribute etc.

It might be able to reach that point in the future.

Im still learning - and new to C# and Godot in general - so would appreciate to learn from others that might have experience i don’t. :slight_smile:

Before i had this under showcase, but i thought since it’s now okay stable and such that i would post it in here as well. Hopefully to get some users that might have some critique / feedback etc. :slight_smile:

Tho i will only write updates etc. in the showcase thread. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, have a great day. Thank you for reading

Best regards.

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