At an impasse with trying to export to Godot(3D)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Dumuz

Both .FBX and .GLB work find in all aspects except for a very important one: They both don’t import all the key frames I export.

The default .DEA format has my skeleton and mesh not lining up in the import, so it’s completely deformed.

The ‘Better Collada’ exporter doesn’t export at all with errors of:
mesh.update() takes at most 2 arguments

I have no idea how to fix any of these issues.

This isn’t an answer, but more of an observation for 3.2 stable.

I found that FBX mangles my mesh, and therefore the animations look horrible. I abandoned it after many attempts to make it work.

I found that glb works the best between Blender and Godot, but Godot has terrible design-time support for importing glb. It’s so painful that I find it easier to export my animation as separate obj frames, and then animate them manually. It takes a TON of disk space, but the results are easier to maintain. But once the glb is actually imported into Godot, it works well.

stormreaver | 2020-10-02 11:25