backpack on player in a 2dgame

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By truedat

hello everybody,
i have a question about carrying a backpack on the character sprite in the game. i have a char as an animatedSprite with walk jump dash etc. there will be items in the game that i want to collect and put it in a backpack,but the backpack u have to find first… so my question would be : if i pick up the backpack how to implement it that it shows on my back?

should i draw all my animations again but this time my char has the backpack on and change sprites when it is equipped or should i attach the backpackItemSprite to the existing playerSprite when he picks it up…how it is done or how would you do it?

for example if i attach the item to my playersprite it would sit correctly on my idle and walk animation but wouldnt it be off when i do a slide(character ducks and dashes) in my animatedSprite…the backpack would stay on my head right?
ufff any help would be aprreciated :slight_smile:

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: njamster

That entirely depends on your sprites (which you unfortunately haven’t provided)! For simple art styles it might look perfectly fine to just add a separate sprite to the player sprite, in which case I’d prefer it because it means less work. Using a separate sprite sheet will look almost always better though, so if you have the time, go with that!

thank you for your help! its a pixel art character that i dont want to show off yet . so the backpack will be around 5 by 5 px. want to animate a bit for bounce on the back. i will go for this approach u mentioned. hope i will get this work

truedat | 2020-09-05 16:22