Basic point and click tutorial needed!


I want to make a very basic point and click game with drag and drop, animations, clicking sprites to elicit sound/delete sprite/trigger animation etc. Just basic sprite-mouse interactivity. I cannot find any tutorials that would dig into the “puzzle clicking adventure” style game concepts. Does anyone know any useful resources?

Thank you very much in advance for any assistance!

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Can you elaborate on “point and click game” also if you watch any basic 2d godot tutorial and just learn the engine first, that will help.

Edit: If you cut the problem into smaller bits and just google search, then you can pretty easily complete this project


I don’t have anything particular but I would sort of echo the above, that rather than looking for a “how-to” make the game in it’s entirety, maybe just start with questions like:

  1. How do I get mouse click input?
  2. How do I get the location I click?
  3. How do I get items to accept the click input?

I think breaking things down, maybe even to a further degree, while difficult at first, will allow you to get much more google friendly issues, and then also, you might surprise yourself with how much you can figure out!

And if you have further specific questions, I’m sure plenty alongside myself would be wiling to help out!


That’s honestly what I’ve been trying to do. Practically all beginner tutorials focus on platforming and shooter games. Was thinking maybe there would be something ‘point-and-click’ related but oh well!
Thank you kindly! Shall follow advice of breaking things down.

Thank you!
When I talk about point and click I mean games like The Room, Rusty Lake collection, There is No Game, Machinarium etc. (I want to make something similar but much simpler)
In any case, I’ll do just that. Cut into bits and learn.
Thanks once more!

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Good luck my friend!

Feel free to message me if you have other questions and I’m, sure I can help on specifics!

And most importantly, have fun learning :wink:


thankyou for advice bro

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