Best practice building levels


I am relatively new to Godot, I have been dabbling in it a few years, but never really got into making anything. But now I would like to. I have been watching videos and learning, however; I have a question.

I am wanting to make a 3d game, I am using free assets (glb), I seen a couple videos on GridMap, but I am torn, I would like more control over the tiles, plus, no matter what i do, I follow the videos to a T and I can never get my collisions to work.

But I digress, My question is,

what do you all do for level building? Do you make each glb file its own scene, add collision to it, then add it to a level scene and build “brick by brick” or am i missing something in between that and GridMap??

Thank you for your advice

it depends on the project and the programmer. i wrote my own level editor but most programmers prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

might be worth seeing if anything is good in the asset library.