Best programm to design 2d sprites

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I often see 2d games withs sprites like those in the example, but how are this sprites created? Do somebody knows a programm to design sprites like this? This is a 2d game so I cant use blender…

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: lacethespace

The linked game is very much a 3D game. There is dynamic lightning and shadows, camera angle sometimes moves, and all assets appear to be 3D models. You could use Blender for this. The only 2D thing about it is that movement is restricted to ground plane.

Even if your game engine is 2D, you could create all of your assets with animations in Blender and render them into spritesheet to be used in 2D.

Your other options for achieving toon aesthetics is vector art (Inkscape for example) or traditional 2D graphic tools like Gimp. You should test all techniques on simple character and see what works best for you.

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I’m a bit confused. “Links Awakening” is a 2D game, yes. But the switch version (you’re explicitly referring to in your search query) is clearly in 3D, not 2D. It just uses a fixed camera angle, but that has nothing to do with the character models used.

Furthermore it is possible to use Blender to create 2D sprites. There are more than enough tutorials on this. A popular choice for pixel art is Aseprite, GDQuest has a free course on Krita, other people might use Gimp, PhotoShop or just Paint. It all comes down to personal preference, there really isn’t a “best program” in general. Especially not, if your only constraint is emulating a certain art style. That is mostly a question of skill and practice, not so much the tools you’re using for the job.

You are right, the question is not good. But what I mean was, that if you design something in Paint or Krita with a pen and a board, it cant look like this in the example, because you can see that it is not handpainted. So it must be another art of programm as paint or krita and that is what I want to know: A good programm to design sprites, which arent look handpainted.

EDIT: But you already say that I can do 2d sprites in blender, so you aready answered my question

Godot_Starter | 2020-03-02 13:15

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For pure 2D pixel art, i’d say Aseprite for the win. With v.9.1 out, so much has been added and improved.

Its open source, no catch. Constantly being updated and improved. It has: Layers support Proper alpha channel unlike GraphicsGale… meh!, Has onion skinning. Color palette ramp. Simple and much cleaner UI. Unlimited undo options. Mini editor. Import/export sprite sheets option. Split view for more freedom and so on, and none of the “overrated” and “out of this world” stuffs you would get from this blah and this bleh. Also, if you need help writing essay works, go to

Simple and yet reliable in every way.

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I like Affinity Designer personally

Very powerful for the price.

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