Best workflow approch to level design for my 2.5D game using 3D assets designed for Unity & Unreal?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By denisVP

Hello everyone!

So far my experience in the Godot engine has been great, I have been working on the code of my game and for someone with little to no experience in programming, I have a wonderful adventure!

Now I should gain some experience in designing the levels of my game. And for that, I bought a Humble bundle pack from the Synty Store, with a lot of dungeon assets and other stuff.

The assets are made for Unreal & Unity, but they can also be imported to Blender and even Godot engine. So here is my main question.

How should I approach my design? My game is a 2.5D game, 2D but with an isometric view. My initial idea was to work my level on Blender, have the overall design and texture look, and then import it with a 2D isometric view to Godot.

What do you guys think, its this a good idea? Or should I approach the problem better? So far I am having a lot of issues learning and using Blender. Should I work on my levels in Unity and then export them to Godot? Or just work on my levels straight from Godot using the assets that I bought?

Thanks so much for your time!

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: DevBadger10

This sounds awesome! I personally believe that, if a workflow works and things can be understood and changed by you, that it works. I think this is a good workflow. Is there somewhere I can go to keep up on the development, I’d love to see it?