big tileset or single image for actor tecture?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By divergy321


I want to create simple RPG game. I want to create base actor which will contain common functions. On that basis i will create a player character and enemies, but do not know how to achieve maximum performance:
Is it better to create one big tileset with player and enemy textures and use it or better slice this big tilemap in to single textures and use them?

I will be thankful for any information ))

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: boruok

single texture “atlas” useful for optimization using batching, but difficult for management.
multiple textures are useful for management, but bad for optimization.
You can use 2 ways:

  1. Don’t worry about performance until you get problem with it, and when you can get it, just join them into 1 Texture splitted to with AtlasTexture
  2. Start with 1 Texture file (2048x2048px or 1024x1024px or 512x512px or 256x256px) size and split it at start with AtlasTexture. My tip is here: decide before start where in Altas you store player animations, where enemies, where objects.

more about batching →