Brackeys will be making Godot Tutorials

Starting into the new week with a bang :bomb:

YouTube tutorial maker Brackeys has made a suprise return on Sunday night, after he & his team stopped uploading new videos three years ago :date: He since named the devastating state of the industry as one of the reasons behind this decision, but also wanting to move onto personal projects and focussing more on family.

His new video not only marks a return to the platform, but is a great explainer about the world of FOSS for those who may not have heard of the term before. Or people like us, who sometimes find themselves struggling to summarize the work we do into a digestible format for newcomers :sweat_smile:

Going one step further, Brackeys then declares a newfound love for our Godot Engine, showcasing the immense change both the project and the games industry as a whole, especially the indie community, have been through in the last few years :chart_with_upwards_trend: He seems really excited to keep learning and to produce content alongside his journey, with both a “Making your very first game in Godot” mega tutorial and an in-depth GDScript analysis being scheduled to release soon.

We here at the Godot Foundation cannot wait to see what he has been working on, and encouage all of you to go subscribe to his YouTube channel :bell:


Somewhat surprised, normally Ytbers stick with their sponsors.
Anyway, a good thing.

Super excited about the upcoming tutorials, I grew up watching brackey’s tutorials and making games in Unity.

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Same. Im super excited for new tutorials!

Given how Unity have managed to mess up their own business in the last couple of years its not really that surprising.

I dont think even Brackeys wants to be associated with them anymore!

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I think Unreal are starting to follow suite with their Coding guidelines.