Broken graphics

Godot Version



qq all. when I pressed the start button my system gave a bsod. this is normal for her, for RAM is going to die. but what’s not normal is that my graphics are broken. all bare meshes now have a background color that changes to a dirty gray…
helps to put worldenvironment on the main node, but in the editor (in other scenes) everything is still broken. ideas?

See the top of the Environment and post-processing documentation page for instructions on setting up the environment so that you can see it in all scenes, in both the editor and running project. By default, you’re seeing a preview environment which only applies to the editor, not when running the project.

oh, forgot one thing: when I opened the project for the first time, I saw the error default_env.tres, which I replaced with one from another project, but it didn’t help

well, im a lil bit stupid. added “new” default_env.tres file to project settings and it works now.