C# and C++ at the same time in Godot?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By KasperFly

So I have been interested in Godot for quite a while now.
so the two languages that I am comfortable using are C# and C++.

As far as I can read myself to, Godot support both languages at the same time.
so I have a couple of questions if anyone would be as nice to answer them.

  1. Can Godot run both languages at the same time?
  2. How good is the documentation of C# and C++?
  3. Do you need to install additional software to Run the game after it has been built on Windows? “Sometime you have to do that with C++ games”.
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: exuin
  1. Yes, it can.
  2. All code in the official tutorials has examples in both GDScript and C#, but not C++.
  3. You shouldn’t have to. Not sure where you heard that.

But I don’t recommend using both languages. Just stick to one to make it less complicated. Or use GDScript - a lot of tutorials are written in that as well.

Hey Exuin thanks for the answered.
you wouldn’t mix C# and C++ languages when you have to do something that requires a lot of performance such as A* algorithm?

The third question
I ran into this problem a couple of times on my university.
We have to make sure that our programs can run on a virtual machine with a clean install Windows.
when it comes to C++ a lot of the time we have to install Visual Studio and add the C++ extension before it can run or some other C++ extension.

KasperFly | 2021-03-14 11:36

I wouldn’t mix the two languages since I’m not that worried about performance. But if you really want to optimize I guess you can

exuin | 2021-03-14 14:42