Can any one explain to me how to make a animated tileset, the old method doesn't work no more

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By 2Dfanatic

I have made a tileset (tile-mode is AUTO_TILE) which looks like this
enter image description here
However settiing up an animated texture under normal map doesn’t animate the tileset.

Before upadate 3.2 the tileset option used to look like this
enter image description here
As you can see the Texture option is missing and the option to pick AnimatedTexture has been shifted in to Normal Map
Is this a bug, or did godot implement a new way of making animated tile-sets ?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this since 3 days can’t find any resources online or on godot Q&A about this. Any help would be much appreciated

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You should try using an AnimatedSprite node instead of just a sprite. When you use the animated sprite, you just have to recreate each frame (maybe not all of them if there are loads) and then upload them in the right order to the animated sprite frame. Then, attach it to a a static body, make a script for the static body and put this script into it:

func _ready():

You don’t need to use those exact names, but the $BlockAnim would be the name of the AnimatedSprite node and “animation” would be the name of the animation that will be displayed.

I’m afraid this doesn’t answer the question, because it was specifically about using TileMap to make animated tiles.

kidscancode | 2020-09-01 19:20

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: kidscancode

One way to do this is by using AnimatedTexture to store your animations, and then assigning that to a tile in your TileSet.

Here’s an example of doing so:

Is there anyway i can use an sprite sheet instead of a multiple png files ?

2Dfanatic | 2020-11-02 13:09