Can Godot be used to create a Tac-fps like CSGO or Valorant?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By fraus

this delves into a few specific questions about the engine on the overarching question of “would it be feasible to use godot to make a Tac-fps?”

  1. is Godot capable of outputting hundreds of fps while everything still running as intended? (talking like upwards of 400+)
  2. would learning GDscript as opposed to any other language be fine for what it is I’m making or will performance be enough of an issue to have to switch to another language?
  3. is there any engine specific concerns that you all may have in regards to taking on creating a game such as a tac-fps?
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Gluon
  1. I typically fix mine at 60 fps but it can have higher fps, it rather depends on a lot of factors outside godot though but you help by having fewer things on screen etc. Godot is capable of it but really the end users computer and how you code it will have the biggest impact on the FPS.

  2. If performance is a major issue to you C# would probably be a better choice. Again though it depends on your game really, gdscript is potentially capable of it depending on the game but C# would be faster generally.

  3. The engine is certainly better at 2d than 3d, but it is fine in 3d as well, certainly good enough to make a professional game at an equivalent level to anything like unity etc but there are fewer tutorials online about how to best do that in godot. Depends on your level of prior knowledge of coding in that regard.