Can I extract pck into game files? (Like scenes, scripts)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Redasuio

Please i want edit my project but i dont have files like scenes, scripts
Etc. And i have just pck and exe file.
My question is can I somehow extract pck/exe file to scenes, scripts etc.

Note: i kniw how to get images and audio using dragon Unpacker

The annoying thing about this is that people can easily take stuff like that and pretty much see all of a game’s files if they know the developers use Godot.
Any secrets in a Godot game can easily be found by decompiling, and assets can be stolen too.

IronStudios | 2021-12-23 03:59

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: bruvzg


GDScript decompiler:

Sorry I dont know what to do with that.

Redasuio | 2020-11-18 19:56

You can download PCK extractors from the Releases section (except the first one):

Direct links to the download page:

bruvzg | 2020-11-18 20:12

And i want those files to folder and i dont know how to do that

Oh, i figuried out
I just canot see that destianation folder button on my computer
Thank you so much

Redasuio | 2020-11-18 20:46

how did you solve it?

idkwhatimtryingnado | 2022-07-17 16:35