Can I recover my project, and if so, how?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Kappa Ferro

When I try to load or import my project I get an alert stating that the engine could not open the project in the file path (which I know to be right). No error code. The console states:
ERROR: _load_settings_text: Error parsing E:/Godot_v3.1.1-stable_win64.exe/project/project.godot at line 1: Unterminated String File might be corrupted.

Is there a way to recover the project or is this just a rough lesson to make backups more often? I hadn’t worked on it for more than a few days though, so starting over isn’t an impossibility.

This “E:/” part of the path is what troubles me. Ususally the main hard drive is named C:/. It looks like you saved the file to an external hard drive or usb drive. Are you sure that this very hard drive is connected to your PC, and in the same usb port in particular?

Also, are you sure you haven’t moved any crucial parts of your game to another directory?

Last but not least, did you break compatibility by opening and saving your project in another version of Godot? (e.g. Godot 3.0 and Godot 3.1 are not fully compatible).

johnygames | 2019-12-29 23:42