Can i sell my add-on or template project with Godot?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By shar0

Godot is a free open sourced engine, is it possible to sell add-on or template based-on Godot. Or sell Program that contained Godot engine?
Just like RPG Template Wizard, Platform Maker that include Godot engine with editor.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: wombatstampede

I am not a law expert. So I can just tell you how I personally understand the Godot license.

First, look here:

Godot runs basically (details in the link above) under the MIT license. So you are free to use the engine commercially with the sole obligation to include the license texts as mentioned in the links.

Opposed to other open source licenses like GPL there’s is NO obligation to provide your own source code to the public or license your own product under the same MIT license.

And to my knowledge you can also sell a product which comes with the godot editor included.

Just bear in mind that there’s a community. And not all what is legally allowed will always be welcome by the public. While commercial games/apps built with godot are perfectly fine it could be that a product which uses the godot editor but seems to hide this somehow (i.e. the license files are included but the project doesn’t state it in the product description) might raise negative response. People might think that you just want to sell a free product.for money.

So my proposal is to be sensitive and transparent when dealing with such a project.

Thanks for your answer!

shar0 | 2019-11-14 06:55