Can we have GDNative Rust

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Joe0239

GDNative Rust is supposed to be faster than GDNative C++ as:

  • OOP is slower than POP (as Rust is POP)
  • Rust has strict compiler checks and the rust concept borrowing make a lot of common programming and memory bugs nonexistant. Though that’s not to say you can’t have bugs in rust.
  • Easier to code than C++

A lot of people perfer to use C# or GDScript over C++ because it is easier to code in, but this easyness reduces performance, which can be seen in the bunny benchmark

If Rust is easier than C++ and achieves better performance, why not use it?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: kidscancode

Performance is not most developers’ concern - productivity is. That’s the whole reason for GDScript, and for that matter, using a game engine in the first place.

That said, GDNative lets people make bindings for whatever language they need. If you’re really passionate about it, there’s a Rust GDNative project here you could join and participate in:

“Performance is not most developers’ concern - productivity is”

How come C# was introduced then if GDScript is already easier than C#?

Rust is easier than C++, thus making it more productive than C++ and I believe that Rust has stricter compiler checks compared to GDScript, which therefore means it is even more productive than GDScript. PLease do correct me if I am wrong.

Joe0239 | 2018-04-08 03:13

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: SleepyTom

Please no, I feel the Godot devs should be bringing stability and bug-fixes to the current system before introducing another edge-case feature.

It seems pretty stable to me.

Joe0239 | 2018-04-08 05:33

Ok, but how long have you been using it?

Godot 3.0 doesn’t work under linux mint with Intel graphics cards

Web HTML5 export doesn’t work properly across browsers, including Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Chrome on Linux Mint, Firefox on Linux Mint

Documentation is rubbish and lacking.

The Godot devs want it to be taken as a serious engine. It doesn’t need more languages added at the moment, it needs polish and tidying-up.

SleepyTom | 2018-04-08 08:01

I didn’t realise as I don’t use GNU/Linux and I have not used those features so I apologise.

Joe0239 | 2018-04-08 08:13

Godot 3.0 dot work under linux Ubuntu with Intel graphics cards.

Documentation is good, a lot better than other open source projects.

GameVisitor | 2018-04-08 18:40