Can you do local Split-Screen and online multiplayer at the same time?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By SF123

I’m making an online multiplayer game and was wondering if I could make it 2-player split-screen as well as the online functionality, and how I would go about doing that. I have done split-screen before, but never anything like this.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: David000

Do you know how to implement online multiplayer? And you know how to do split screen. Cant you just merge the 2 toghether? I never did split screen or online multiplayer before but thats my suggestion.

Okay, no.

First of all, please be sure that you have some experience, or at least a good understanding of the topic before answering.

Next, to do that, I would have to add more rpc functions, twice the amount because I would need one set for each player, or I would need to re-work everything to make it so that it sends which player the client is talking about (player 1 or player 2.)

I was just wondering if there is an easier way to do it other that completely reworking my game.

I DO know how to do online multiplayer, and I DO know how to do split-screen, or I would not have asked this question.

SF123 | 2022-04-21 00:10