candy crush game, pieces dont swap up or down but left and right

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By felaix

Hey guys,

for a school exam i have to create a candy crush clone and everything work fine except ohne thing. i can swap my pieces to the left and also to the right but i can’t swap it down or up. does anyone knows why?

here is my code:

    extends Node2D

export(int) var width 
export(int) var height
export(int) var x_start
export(int) var y_start
export(int) var offset

#piece array
var possible_pieces = [

#current piece in scene
var all_pieces = []

#touch variables
var first_touch = Vector2(0,0)
var final_touch = Vector2(0,0)
var controlling = false

func _ready():
	all_pieces = make_2d_array()

func make_2d_array():
	var array = []
	for i in width:
		for j in height:
	return array

func spawn_pieces():
	for i in width:
		for j in height:
			#choose a random number and store it
			var rand = floor(rand_range(0, possible_pieces.size()))
			var piece = possible_pieces[rand].instance()
			var loops = 0
			while(match_at(i, j, piece.color) && loops < 100):
				rand = floor(rand_range(0, possible_pieces.size()))
				loops += 1
				piece = possible_pieces[rand].instance()
			#instance that piece from the array
			piece.position = grid_to_pixel(i, j)
			all_pieces[i][j] = piece
func match_at(i, j, color):
	if i > 1:
		if all_pieces[i - 1][j] != null && all_pieces[i - 2][j] != null:
			if all_pieces[i - 1][j].color == color && all_pieces[i - 2][j].color == color:
				return true
	if j > 1:
		if all_pieces[i][j - 1] != null && all_pieces[i][j - 2] != null:
			if all_pieces[i][j - 1].color == color && all_pieces[i][j - 2].color == color:
				return true
func grid_to_pixel(column, row):
	var new_x = x_start + offset * column
	var new_y = y_start + -offset * row
	return Vector2(new_x, new_y)

func pixel_to_grid(pixel_x, pixel_y):
	var new_x = round((pixel_x - x_start) / offset)
	var new_y = round((pixel_y - y_start) / -offset)
	return Vector2(new_x, new_y)
func is_in_grid(column, row):
	if column >= 0 && column < width:
		if row >= 0 && row < height:
			return true
	return false

func touch_input():
	if Input.is_action_just_pressed("ui_touch"):
		first_touch = get_global_mouse_position()
		var grid_position = pixel_to_grid(first_touch.x, first_touch.y)
		if is_in_grid(grid_position.x, grid_position.y):
			controlling = true
		#	print("NOT OK")
	if Input.is_action_just_released("ui_touch"):
		final_touch = get_global_mouse_position()
		var grid_position = pixel_to_grid(final_touch.x, final_touch.y)
		if is_in_grid(grid_position.x, grid_position.y) && controlling:
			touch_difference(pixel_to_grid(first_touch.x, first_touch.y), grid_position)

func swap_pieces(column, row, direction):
	var first_piece = all_pieces[column][row];
	var other_piece = all_pieces[column + direction.x][row + direction.y];
	all_pieces[column][row] = other_piece;
	all_pieces[column + direction.x][row + direction.y] = first_piece;
	first_piece.position = grid_to_pixel(column + direction.x, row + direction.y);
	other_piece.position = grid_to_pixel(column, row);

func touch_difference(grid_1, grid_2):
	var difference = grid_2 - grid_1
	if abs(difference.x) > abs(difference.y):
		if difference.x > 0:
			swap_pieces(grid_1.x, grid_1.y, Vector2(1,0))
		elif difference.x < 0:
			swap_pieces(grid_1.x, grid_1.y, Vector2(-1,0))
		elif abs(difference.y) > abs(difference.x):
			if difference.y > 0:
				swap_pieces(grid_1.x, grid_1.y, Vector2(0,1))
			elif difference.y < 0:
				swap_pieces(grid_1.x, grid_1.y, Vector2(0,-1))

func _process(delta):

i also get an error when i want to debug the game:

 W 0:00:02.212   The argument 'delta' is never used in the function '_process'. If this is intended, prefix it with an underscore: '_delta'

to create the game i’m using the tutorial of mister traft creates and i’m at episode 7 (click here to see the vid)

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: felaix

okay i put on line 114 one tab too much. now it works. i can swap it down, up, left and right.

but i still get the error. anyone knows why?

This is not error, this is warning. Your _process has delta variable that is not used. To suppress this warning, you can add _ before variable’s name (make it _delta).

AlexTheRegent | 2021-01-08 15:41

oh okay, thank you. i’m new to godot

felaix | 2021-01-08 16:43