Cannot create custom points for my collisionpolygon 2d

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By flashwebdev

Hi! I’m a godot beginner, and I want to create a platformer in godot. I’m using Tilesets for my maps (One from But when I add a StaticBody2D and a CollisionPolygon2D under it, I cannot create a collision shape by clicking anywhere, It always give me the extent points of the sprite.

I’m giving a link to a zip file of my project.

Is it a bug, or a mess in my part?

Any help would be appreciated.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: flashwebdev

I’ve fixed it. As expected it is a mess in my part. I enabled the “Snap to grid” option, now (after disabling it) it’s working as expected.

I’ll not remove the question, because if someone having the same problem as I had, they find their answer here.

Just turn off the Snap to grid option when selecting points for CollisionPolygon2D

Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a solution for more than one hour.

SNES1990 | 2020-07-25 17:59