Cannot interact with godot forum after first visit


I have been trying to use this forum for a while but whenever I go to a page via google, I have a very strange problem. I can’t interact at all, no buttons no scrolling, nada. I have found only two ways of fixing this. One is by clearing all site data but this will only work for one page reload, then it will break again.

The second gives a clue to what it is, if you delete the styling for a preload div of something you can use the site again at least for that tab. What is the preloader trying to do and how do I fix this?

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Ok so it’s this part of the styling, the html overflow styling is set to hidden so you can’t scroll. I imagine this is supposed to be temporary while the page tries to load something as the divs are all classed as preloaders but what ever it is won’t load.

Solved this by adding this code to custom JavaScript

var el = document.getElementById("d-splash");